What is community composting? This video from ILSR tells the story



The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a member of the DCFRWG, convenes the National Cultivating Community Composting Forum & Workshop each year. This video features attendees sharing their answers to the question, “What is Community Composting?”

Check out their answers in the video!

Community composters serve an integral and unique role in both the broader composting industry and the sustainable food movement. They are the social innovators and entrepreneurs that are collecting food waste by burning calories instead of fossil fuel, employing youth and marginalized groups, and developing innovative data-sharing applications and cooperative ownership structures.

Community composters are the compost educators and facilitators that are building equity and power in our communities from the ground up, by supporting businessesschoolsfarmerscommunity centers, and other communities in need. They are the front lines, grassroots, boots-on-the-ground that are cultivating awareness of and demand for compost and its associated benefits. They are transforming landscapes, urban and rural (and everything in between), by getting compost into the hands that feed the soil that feeds us.

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