The FRWG Food Waste Warriors Lobby to Save Good Food!


On Monday, June 11, members of the District’s Food Recovery Working Group (FRWG) lobbied the DC Council to move the Save Good Food Amendment Act forward.  Seylou, a DC bakery and regular contributor of food to Food Rescue US in DC provided (delicious!) leftover baked goods for the effort.

The Save Good Food Act would provide tax incentives to DC residents and businesses who donate food to those in need.  Amy Kelley, Policy lead for FWRG notes, “This is a good bill for DC businesses and residents. Unfortunately, some 11 percent of DC residents don’t have enough food to eat.  This bill would provide a small credit to DC businesses who donate safe, healthy food.  It would also help clarify some of DC’s confusing food donation and labeling laws and keep good food out of the landfill.”

The bill was introduced to the Council in early 2017.  It was passed unanimously by the Council’s Committee on Health last summer.  Since then, it has been languishing in the Committee on Finance and Revenue, which is chaired by Councilmember Jack Evans.  The bill can’t go before the full council for a vote until it passes out of the Finance and Revenue Committee.  Kelley notes, “We have every indication that Councilmembers are in favor of this legislation.  This bill also has broad support from DC businesses, non-profits, and residents. We just need to get Councilmember Evans to bring this bill before the Committee for a vote.”

Want to become a Food Waste Warrior and take action on this issue?  Call Councilmember Evans’s office at  (202) 724-8058and tell him that you support the Save Good Food Amendment Act and want to see it move forward. Sign the petition urging Councilmember Evans to bring the Save Good Food Amendment Act to a vote.  Want to get involved in the effort to rescue good food in DC? Contact Kate Urbank of Food Rescue US in DC at


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