Further With Food: A hub for food waste resources, organizations


At a recent DC Food Recovery Working Group meeting, Ali Schklair, project manager at Further With Food: Center for Food Loss and Waste Solutions, gave a presentation on her organization’s efforts to be a hub for efforts and information about food waste. Below, she shares the story of Further With Food. 

In the last 5 years there has been a notable increase in attention to food loss and waste (FLW). In 2012 Dana Gunders and the Natural Resources Defense Council published Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill. This groundbreaking report brought FLW into the spotlight and inspired a public curiosity in what happens to the food we buy, but don’t eat. In the fall of 2015, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a national commitment to cutting U.S. food waste in half by 2030, and by the start of 2016, a full movement had taken shape.

As groups began focusing more on food loss and waste solutions they also began producing more materials to share findings and communicate best practices. A need arose for a central hub for collecting, organizing, and disseminating these mounting resources. Further with Food was created to serve this need. Initiated by twelve organizations leading the effort to reduce FLW, the website provides a one-stop shop for finding content on best practices for preventing, recovering and recycling food loss and waste; educational materials; research results; and information on existing government, business and community initiatives. Further with Food also serves as a platform for coordinating stakeholders and facilitating stronger communication to help prevent duplication of efforts.

Launched in January 2017, Further with Food is still relatively new, and already houses about 300 resources. What makes the website unique is that any individual or organization can submit a resource or upcoming event to the database; resources are reviewed and verified by Further with Food before being published.

The initiative aims to connect organizations and communities working to find solutions to food loss and waste. Having access to so many different resources puts Further with Food in a position to connect people working on similar projects across the country, or even in their hometown.

We want to know what you are working on what issues you think need more attention. Reach out to tell us about your latest project or interest!

Explore the website, upload and share your resources, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest food loss and waste news.


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