Sales of new children’s book support food recovery in DC!


Let’s say you’re a sheep–a professional sheep, in fact–and you need to leap. But the fence you need to leap over is just too darn tall. What do you and your fellow sheep do?

In “The Sheep Who Could Not Leap,” DC FRWG member and children’s author Chirine Alameddine takes us to Woolytown where a group of sheep work together to solve this very problem.

This recently published book is the first by Alameddine, an operations officer at the World Bank. She’s donating a portion of the proceeds to Food Rescue US, which ferries surplus food from cafeterias and other businesses to community nonprofits.

Alameddine first became concerned about food waste when her son told her he and other children had to throw away unopened cartons of milk after lunch. She then worked with the school to make sure such extra, but still safe, food could be directed to people in need.

Alameddine said she hopes families enjoy the book’s humor and the takeaway that obstacles can be overcome with creativity. She’s already working on her next book.

Buy “The Sheep Who Could Not Leap” on Amazon. Also check out for the latest!

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