First ever RescueDish Walking Tour part of DC Food Recovery Week


Lemon peels? Broccoli stems? Cabbage….butts?

You may be throwing them away in your home kitchen, but the creative, food-loving minds behind some of DC’s most innovative eateries know better. Restaurants like Teaism, Equinox and Firefly have found delicious ways to turn what might be considered “cast-offs” into delicious dishes.

You can learn–and taste–just how they do this during the first ever RescueDish Restaurant Walking Tour, an event that will cap off the 2018 DC Food Recovery Week.

On Oct. 20, walking tour participants will stop at several restaurants in the Dupont Circle and Farragut areas. At each location, they’ll sample bites and sips and will hear directly from chefs and restaurant management about what it takes to minimize food waste and run a sustainable kitchen.

“We’re so excited to launch this walking tour,” said organizer Rachael Jackson, who is on the board of the DC Food Recovery Working Group and blogs at, “These restaurants are doing amazing things and we can’t wait for them to share their stories and tasty creations with our walk participants.”

RescueDish is a campaign to highlight the great work that restaurants are doing to reduce food waste. Between chefs’ passion for food and good business sense, many restaurants have historically been careful to avoid waste. However, the smart ways they do this–and the innovative flavors they create along the way–don’t always get the attention they deserve. By celebrating that creative and sustainable spirit, RescueDish hopes to excite foodies with the opportunity to try new flavors and to inspire home cooks to take a second look at what they may throw away without a second thought.

RescueDish kicked off during the 2017 DC Food Recovery Week by working with restaurants across the city to highlight “RescueDishes” on their menus during the week. Another such week is in the works for summer 2019. The RescueDish planning committee, which also includes Food Recovery Working Group board members Meggan Davis and Jessica Salguiero; and sustainable food advocates Cara Blumenthal and Paloma Sisneros-Lobato, has plans for future walks and happy hours in the year to come.

Tickets for the RescueDish walking tour are $16 and can be purchased here. RescueDish is volunteer-run and the funds support promotion of future RescueDish events.

For a full list of DC Food Recovery Week events, visit the schedule.


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