A 2018 Win! DC’s Food Recovery Working Group Food Waste Successfully Lobbies to Save Good Food!


DC’s Food Recovery Working Group (FRWG) is celebrating the passage of DC’s Save Good Food Act!

On Tuesday, October 16th, the DC Council unanimously passed the bill and in November, with no objection from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, the bill became law. This bill provides new incentives that promote and facilitate food recovery efforts in DC by providing tax incentives to DC residents and businesses who donate food to those in need.  

The act will also help clarify some of DC’s confusing and strict food labeling laws and keep good food out of the landfill. The bill has broad support from DC businesses, non-profits, and residents.

Ona Balkus, DC’s Acting Food Policy Director, believes this law will benefit District residents: “This bill will encourage more DC businesses and residents to donate healthy food to those in need, keep good food out of the landfill, and clarify confusing laws around food donation. It’s a significant step in helping DC become a national leader in sustainability.”

Members of the District’s Food Recovery Working Group (FRWG) lobbied the DC Council to move the Save Good Food Amendment Act forward.  In addition to a petition and a Twitter campaign, in June, a coalition of food recovery advocates visited Councilmembers to garner support for the bill.  Seylou, a DC bakery that regularly donates food through Food Rescue US, provided leftover baked goods for the effort.  

FRWG’s lobbying efforts paid off and in late September, the bill passed out of the Council’s Finance and Revenue Committee. Once out of that Committee, the bill moved forward quickly. Amy Kelley, Policy lead for FRWG notes, “Our work on this bill shows how local action can lead to positive change.  We had a strong and diverse coalition that supported this legislation. We advocated strongly in favor of this bill, and we’re thrilled that it passed.”

Interested in becoming involved in the DC FRWG? Contact Josh Singer at dcfoodrecovery@gmail.com.  Want to become a Food Waste Warrior by helping to transport good food around DC? Contact Kate Urbank of Food Rescue US in DC at kate@foodrescue.us.

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