DC FRWG features at DC State Fair


What should you do with stale bread? Should you worry about little white dots on parmesan cheese? And what’s the best way to stock your fridge?

At the ninth annual DC State Fair earlier this year, representatives of the DC Food Recovery Working Group engaged fair-goers on these questions and the myriad ways they can reduce their food waste–and their environmental impact.

During a one-hour session more than 60 people stopped by the DC FRWG table to learn about three themes:

_JP_9580Cooking! Claudia Fabiano, a working group board member, brought samples of dishes
that use ingredients that people might assume are waste. She made banana bread from overripe bananas, pickles from extra cucumbers and panzanella salad from stale bread.

Fridge stocking! Aisha Salazar, the cooking and nutrition coordinator for the Arlington Food Assistance Center, challenged fair-goers to stock a sample fridge to best extend their food’s life. Milk, for example, shouldn’t be stored in the fridge door; it will stay colder on a shelf inside the fridge.

Eating….or tossing?! Rachael Jackson, founder of EatOrToss, quized people on whether a selection of imperfect-looking foods were safe to eat. Items included parmesan speckled with white crystals, a tomato with cracking scars and a very brown banana.


We had a great time at the fair! If you’re planning a community event and would like to include a display like the one we offered at the State Fair, please reach out to dcfoodrecovery@gmail.com. We’d love to work with you!

Special thanks to working group board member Josh Etim who helped make sure everything went well and to Amanda Joy Photographics for providing the photos in this post. 

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