Roots of Food Apartheid: New webinar available from DCFRWG founder

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DCFRWG founder Josh Singer has been speaking on Food Apartheid for years. Now his presentations is available via an online webinar. Check it out here. And find a description below.

“When a community lacks access to healthy and affordable food it’s often labeled as a “food desert.” One problem with this label is it implies that food deserts, much like real deserts, just naturally occurred all on its own. There’s an effort in the food justice movement to use a better label that captures the very intentional systems, policies and history responsible for segregating communities from legitimate food access. This new label is called “Food Apartheid”. Food Apartheid goes beyond spatial food access and dives into historical and current systems and policies that intentionally segregate people spatially and economically from healthy food, among many other important things. This class will explore SOME of these historic and current systems such as systemic racism, housing discrimination, segregation/desegregation/re-segregation movements, affordable housing crisis, eviction crisis, gentrification and more.”