The DC Food Recovery Working Group was created in late 2015 to support food recovery efforts in the greater DC area. The Working Group supports recovery on all levels outlined in the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy, including source reduction, food donations and composting. This working group focuses on two goals:

  1. Promoting food recovery programs, organizations and resources already happening
  2. Developing new food recovery partnerships, programs, and resources for greater DC

The working group is comprised of a variety of partners from food banks, non-profits and for-profits working on food recovery, DC government agencies, local environmental and sustainability organizations, and food recovery advocates.   The working group meets monthly to work on developing and implementing food recovery initiatives.

This working group is open to the public and anyone interested in food recovery is encouraged to join the monthly meetings.  For more information or to receive meeting invites please email dcfoodrecovery@gmail.com.

DC Food Recovery Working Group Bylaws
We have created a food recovery working group model that we believe can be implemented in any city to organize local food recovery movements.  We are happy to make all materials, governance structures, best practices and bylaws a public source to help future working group efforts.