Featured Businesses

The DC Food Recovery Working Group would like to promote DC Food Businesses that implement food recovery practices in the greater DC area.

Local Producers
(Look for these local products made from recovered food, in stores in DC)

Fruit Cycle
Social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy, locally sourced snacks. We focus on using produce that would otherwise go to waste and we provide jobs for women who have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Misfit Juicery
We make our delicious, nutritious cold-pressed juices with 70-80% recovered fruits and veggies.  We turn misfit fruits, veggies, trimmings and tops into delicious cold-pressed juice, fighting food waste in DC and NYC.


(These local restaurants have some kind of recovered food programs)

Reduces waste by composting their kitchen scraps, sourcing from local farms, using wind power in kitchens and stores, and serving entirely plant-based food.

Has a dedicated food recovery item on their menu called “Trash or Treasure” which uses ingredients normally wasted to create delicious and innovative dishes.  Check out their menu.


Grocery Stores
(These grocery stores have some kind of food recovery program)

Yes Market
At every Yes Market in DC they have a discounted produce rack for produce that is still good but not at its “Best by” date.

MOMs Organic
Every MOMs Organic Grocery store in the greater DC area has a recycling center that allows customers to drop off organics to compost along with lots of other recycling opportunities like jeans, batteries, cork, etc.


Get Your Food Business Food Recovery Verified!

The DC Food Recovery working group is currently working towards bringing the Food Recovery Network’s “Food Recovery Verified” program to DC, which helps bring more conscious customers to food businesses that recover their food.

Once a restaurant is verified (really simple and can be done in one quick site visit) they will get this sticker in their window to show their customers they care about food waste.


Once you get verified the DC Food Recovery Working group will begin actively promoting your restaurant or food business across our 40-plus networks to help bring build more conscious customers to businesses that recover food.


  • Eligible businesses can receive enhanced tax deductions for their food donations.
  • Thanks to the federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, all food donors are protected from liability

Need help transporting your food donations at no cost or effort to you?
Community Plates, DC’s first food runner program, just came to DC to organize volunteers to pick up extra food and transport it to food pantries.  Contact the DC Site Director, Kate Urbank at katharine@communityplates.org for more information.


Get verified!
Join businesses across the country by putting FRV’s window sticker of approval on your establishment . Fill out our 5-minute application today!

For more info or questions contact

Once verified contact dcfoodrecovery@gmail.com so the DC Food Recovery Working Group can start promoting you!