13220732_512021252332185_2261006634209621003_oVolunteer Gleanings with AFAC

Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers’ fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest.

Table of Contents

Organizations to Glean With

Where to Buy Gleaned Food

Dumpster Diving

Organizations to Glean With

Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

Bread for the City

DC Central Kitchen

IONA Senior Services (DC farmer markets) – contact

Mid Atantic Gleaning Network (MAGNET)

Want to start your own gleaning program? Check out the Food Recovery Network (FRN) Guide to Starting a Gleaning Program

Where to Buy Gleaned Food

Hungry Harvest

Local Producers
Look for these local products made from recovered food, in stores in DC

Fruit Cycle
Social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy, locally sourced snacks. We focus on using produce that would otherwise go to waste and we provide jobs for women who have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

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Misfit Juicery
We make our delicious, nutritious cold-pressed juices with 70-80% recovered fruits and veggies.  We turn misfit fruits, veggies, trimmings and tops into delicious cold-pressed juice, fighting food waste in DC and NYC.

Dumpster Diving

How to Dumpster Dive

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