DC Food Recovery Working Group Monthly Meetings

Want to:

  • Learn more about food recovery efforts in DC
  • Meet and network with local food recovery advocates and organizations
  • Help develop, advocate, implement food recovery initiatives and programs
  • Help promote your own food recovery effort

Then join DC Food Recovery Working Group monthly meetings with over 50 organizations (non profit, for profit, gov) and over 300 participating members.

To join our monthly meetings please reach out

DC Food Recovery Working Group Guidelines
(Please read if you’re new or have questions about the group)

Annual Work Structure
The working group meets monthly from February to November. The group focuses on networking, professional development,and subgroup initiatives. From mid-summer until late October, the group will also work on planning the annual Food Recovery Week, which is usually held during the second half of October and often highlights the work the subgroups have been doing. The group takes December and January off from meetings.

Monthly Meeting Times
Monthly working group meetings will occur the the first Friday of each month (second Friday if first is a holiday weekend) from 3-5pm

2020 Learning, Networking and Professional Development Schedule
During each monthly meeting there will be trainings, presentations, and professional development geared towards local food recovery advocates. In addition we will have evening social and networking events.  If you would like to lead a training, present on a food recovery resource or initiative, or host a social networking event please contact

Member Survey
We’re asking all participants of the working group to take this quick survey to help us understand better who is coming and how to benefit everyone

Website and Blog Posts
To learn more about this working group please explore our website
We are always looking for blog posts on anything from events, initiatives, experiences, businesses or organizations who are helping food recovery, government initiatives, etc. If you have an idea for a blog post, please send to Rachael Jackson ( are very helpful too!

Google Drive
We use google drive for sharing documents

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Google Group
Anyone can join our google group by emailing This google group is used for all our communication including meeting announcements and agendas. Once you’re a member, if you have any article, event, resource, etc. related to food recovery please feel free to forward this to our Google group by writing a normal email at this address We have over 300 people on this Google group that specifically signed up to learn more about food recovery and especially about food recovery events and resources in the DMV area.  And many of us have additional listservs and newsletter that we can cross promote in case you need help promoting even farther

Also please be conscious of the fact that there are over 300 people in this group. If you have a message that is more appropriately directed to Josh Singer (such as a question about the meeting agenda, or adding someone to the group, etc.),please email,or if it’s about a particular subgroup effort, please email the subgroupl eader, rather than emailing the entire Google group. When emailing the entire google group please use appropriate subject lines.

Contact Info
If you have any additional questions please email
Josh Singer – 202 262 2138