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Want to learn more about food recovery efforts and resources in greater DC?  We offer free workshops for any organization willing to host the workshop. The organization will be responsible for securing a room and recruiting participants.  In exchange a DC Food Recovery Working Group Rep will give a 1 hour presentation on any of the following topics.

Possible Workshops


Overview of Food Recovery in DC

Currently in the US, 40% of all of our food produced ends up in the dump, while 13% of all homes nationwide are food insecure. In 2015, over 40 different nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, and food banks, all working on food recovery in the greater DC area, formed the DC Food Recovery Working Group to promote the numerous food recovery programs happening while coordinating citywide food recovery initiatives. In this class, we will discuss all the different local opportunities in DC for consumers and businesses to recover their food and make a difference.

Edible Alternatives from Your Vegetable Garden

The majority of what we grow in our gardens is edible yet we only eat a small part of each plant. Do you want to learn what flowers are delicious in a salad? What stalks make a great hummus or pesto? What seeds are good pickled? Which weeds are more nutritious than your crops? Then this class is for you. Learn to maximize your garden harvests or supermarket produce by using the parts of your plants you didn’t realize could be not only edible but delicious. Class can include recipes to eat if funding is available!

Some Workshops may be adapted to participants under 18 but most workshops are for an 18 or over audience.  The DC Food Recovery Working Group reserves the right to decline any workshop request.

Request a Workshop

If interested please email with the title “Workshop Request” and provide as many details as possible in the email.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to start the process.