Support DC’s “Save Good Food Act”



Councilmember Cheh introduced a bill entitled “The Save Good Food Amendment Act of 2017”

This bill includes several strategies for decreasing wasted food in the District, including:

1) Providing a tax credit for grocery stores, restaurants, and urban farms that donate healthy foods to charitable organizations;
2) Expanding liability protections for food donors that donate directly to individuals, and for non-profit organizations that charge a small fee to cover the handling and preparation of food donations;
3) Requiring DOH to only require date labels on food products where there is an increased safety risk related to when the date passes; and
4) Requiring DOH and the Office of Waste Diversion (in DPW) to develop a food donation guide, including safety regulations, best practices, and a list of organizations that accept donated food. DOH will also have to train health inspectors on the information in the guide.


The bill was referred to the Health Committee and the Finance Committee for review. and there was a Public Hearing for comments on March 28th, 2017.

How Can We Help

Although there was no opposition during the public hearing, it’s possible for the Council not to move forward with this bill or to delay it indefinitely.  We need your help to encourage the Council to continue moving this bill forward.  To help pass this bill, write to the DC Councilmembers listed below to express your support.  We provide email templates and resource sheets below to make it as easy as possible.

Email Template

DC Central Kitchen created a resource sheet about this bill along tips for writing to express support.

Contact Info


Cherita Whiting
Legislative Clerk
(202) 727-7774

Eric J. Goulet, J.D.
Committee Director/Senior Counsel
(202) 727-9277


Osazee Imadojemu,J.D., M.P.H
Deputy Committee Director



Ruth Werner
Committee Director
(202) 724-8058


Sarina Loy
Committee Assistant
(202) 724-8058