DC voters: Urge the council to support the Save the Good Food Act!

DC’s Save The Good Food Act, which would streamline food donation policy and incentivize donation via tax credits, needs your help!

Although the Act had several co-sponsors and received no opposition during a public hearing in March 2017, it has been stalled in the Finance and Revenue Committee chaired by Councilmember Jack Evans. If the Act is not voted out of committee and passed to the full Council for vote this year, it dies.

Prove to Evans that this is an issue that District citizens and businesses care about. Contact his office at (202) 724-8058 or jevans@dccouncil.us. Please find a link to a customize-able letter at the bottom of this post.

Why we need this act
According to a USDA report, 11.4% of households in DC are food insecure.  The Save the Good Food Amendment Act was introduced by Councilmember Mary Cheh in 2017 to help address this issue by:

  • Creating a tax credit for food donations in DC;
  • Expanding liability protections for food donations;
  • Requiring the Department of Health (DoH) and the Office of Waste Diversion to create a guide on food donation; and
  • Review and update DC’s strict date labeling laws.

Progress so far
On March 1, representatives from the DC Food Recovery Working Group delivered a petition with over 380 signatures from DC residents, together with letters of support from DC businesses, to Councilmember Evans’ office. The petition and business letters urged Councilmember Evans to pass the Save the Good Food Amendment Act out of the Finance and Revenue Committee so that it can go to the full Council for a vote. It was a strong showing, but, so far, the Act is still in limbo.

The Act won’t help prevent food waste and feed those in need if it’s stuck in committee. Add your voice to the issue today!

Save Good Food Act Business Letter (1)





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